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Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:Oxford, (states/regions/territories)
Twenty-something northern lass in the economic diaspora. Drinks more tea than can be healthy for anyone, is married to a very fine man indeed and owns a cat. Yay!

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42, academic journals, agnosticism, alan rickman, arcade fire, art, atheism, baking, bat for lashes, bed, being a domestic goddess, ben folds, blade runner, books, cats, cheese, chocolate, cider, classics, computers, cooking, counting crows, cricket, cross-stitch, curry, cycling, discworld, diy, doctor who, don't panic, douglas adams, dreams, ducks, durham, durham cathedral, earl grey, endorphins, england, equal rights, films, freedom of speech, french, friends, gardening, gay rights, goo goo dolls, good omens, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, growing herbs, h2g2, handbags, hannah scott, herbs, heroes, hugs, ideas, immortality, intelligence, italian food, jack johnson, judaism, kate havnevik, kissing, kittens, koine greek, languages, lego, libraries, literacy, literature, lord of the rings, lots of tea, love, manuscripts, market kitchen, monty python, muppets, music, neil gaiman, new religious movements, nick cave and the bad seeds, old books, oxford, pasta, peace, peer-reviewed journals, perfume, philosophy, phoenix nights, physics, piaggio, pink, pizza, politics, port, private eye, pro-choice, procrastinating, publishing, pubs, purple, puzzles, qi, rare books, reading, really good coffee, red dwarf, red wine, regina spektor, romance, running, sarcasm, sewing, sex, shakespeare, singing, sleeping, snuggling, squee, t'internet, tea, terry pratchett, the editors, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the meaning of life, the pigeon detectives, the princess bride, theatre, theodicy, theology, trains, trivia, twirly skirts, typography, university challenge, walking, weebling, wibbling, wicked, wine, words, writing, yay!
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